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and how did you do the high res enemies? the enemies like the lizard/fly thing, the bird/butterfly thing, the snake-in-a-plant thing, basically the realistic critters. how did you make them?


Uh, sorry, saw your question first today... I made them with Krita, a free drawing program. You can use it to animate, too, really good. For the critters I often use photos as a basis, cut them apart in Krita and then paint on them using a drawing tablet. You really need a drawing tablet if you want to make more advanced animations and backgrounds, too hard with only a mouse.

Btw, sad to hear you abandoned your Drake Live game!

Thanks for the reply! Also my upcoming game will be top down and survival and yeah drake life is abandoned until i decide to revive it

Also, how do you get the rainbow plant's seeds? How do you get them from the colored caves?

You first have to find them, one in each cave, then Blue Critter needs to touch them and they appear in your inventory (mouse over upper part of game window). When you have all seeds, you return to the strange plant in the middle of the main cave and see what happens. 

Hope that helps, please let me know when something doesn't work as expected!

thanks for the help!


Wow!  for your first game, the graphics are amazing!

Thanks a lot!

the game has awesome sfx, an amaing health system, and more that i can't even make! I love this game! DEFINETLEY PINNING IT TO TASKBAR

one of the best gdevelop games on

Thank you so much,  really glad you like it!!

Would you mind leaving a rating? It would help the game go up in itch's algorithm so that more folks  can find it.

I rated it, 5 star!


Like the other person, I'm here from OneyPlays also. :) Consider their short feedback (starting at 18 min in): 

Wow, cool! Thanks for posting :-)


Duuude this rules
The art in this is so freaky and awesome!! Keep making stuff, dude!

(I got sent here by OneyPlays btw haha)

Thanks, will do :-)

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Thanks! Nothing borrowed here, all homemade :-)

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Yeah, you're right, I should add an explanation at the closed doors! Two of the rooms will open soon, I only need to fix the sound  there. The red door and the endgame will take some more time, still not sure  which mechanics I'll use...   I'm working on this on weekends since little over one year, had to learn several programs, figure out how to animate and so on.

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Thanks for posting the "speedrun"! I noticed that the background sound didn't start as it should when you first entered the underwater cave. Did you install from the .exe or the .zip file? And did that happen only in the blue cave or also in other caves?

Regarding the mazes -  you can zoom out (o) and zoom in (i), makes it easier to find your way :-)